Life is simply wonderful and fascinating, especially when observed from a numerical point of view. Everything around us is governed by universal mathematics, which can be understood from the cycles of nature, the seasons of the year, even our physical biorhythm, the stages of growth, everything is measured mathematically by distinct numerology charts .

And this perfection and beauty that is found in each part of our being, is studied by numerology, a tool that offers us to know the relationship between the numbers around us and its connection with our divine purpose in life and spiritual path. Numerology itself proposals answers to many circumstances and situations that we face every day, it also guides us to make decisions with better knowledge of ourselves and the people surrounding us.

Where did numerology originate?

The origin of numerology lies in old civilizations created by the Babylonians know as  Chaldean Numerology . However, its study and knowledge in the western world are due to Pythagoras, who on a trip to the East in search of higher knowledge, created various groups to study the symbolism of numbers and the relationship those had with the letters. Today thanks to Pythagoras we have the bases of numerology, since only he was able to relate principles of daily life with the numbers that are presented to us at all times. What is even more fascinating is how Pythagoras could relate numbers to good or bad luck and thus improve aspects of the human being, seeking that through numerology the person could reduce their weaknesses and enhance their virtues to achieve their life purpose.

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How does numerology work?

Numerology is a tool that seeks to answer the main questions of the human being, who am I? What are my virtues and defects? What is my purpose in life? Am I compatible with another person? And it also works as a guide for making decisions, taking into account the date you are in and the characteristics of the person. However, the knowledge of numerology is also applicable for store or brand names and to know if it will succeed, what are its best stages, success alternatives, and future opportunities.

Mainly the numerology studies your birth date to know your life path number, but it depends on the question you have at the moment, you can evaluate other aspects to get the answer, for example, you can study the date of birth of your love partner to know if both are compatible or if the relationship has a future. Another example is to figure out if the place where you plan to move will benefit you, for this the number of your new house is studied and the compatibility with your number is analyzed, this way you can determine in advance whether or not the move suits you.

Which are the numerology benefits?

Knowing numerology will help you have better self-esteem, as it strengthens your assets as a human being. On the other hand, as the numerology allows you to understand what your weaknesses are, it is also part of your personal growth, being a source of self-knowledge to become a better version of yourself. It helps you to understand the people around you, even to decide if you should invest time and effort in a love relationship, so you will learn to better appreciate the personal relationships you have in the future.

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Numerology will help you understand what your purpose is in life and especially give you the keys to take advantage of all possible opportunities for you to achieve everything you set your mind to. If you study numerology from an early age, you can clear those doubts about which profession to choose or which career to study, since it gives you notions of yourself concerning your strengths.

Numerology and Relationships

Relationships represent learning in everyone’s life, and numerology helps us to better understand those around us, but above all, how to overcome the roughness that the relationship may have. But when it comes to assessing the compatibility of the person you like to know if it is really worth considering having a romantic relationship with such person, you must know their date of birth and add all their digits to know what their number is. Then it is determined if the number of your crush is compatible with your number. Anyway, once the number is obtained, you will be able to know more details about that person that will help you make an informed decision.

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