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Numerology is the study of numbers. According to this practice, each number has a vibration that correlates to a specific meaning. This can also be applied to letters of the alphabet which also have a number that corresponds with them explain in the 2 types of numerology charts.

Numerology has the power and potential to help us understand more about the world and ourselves. It is a spiritual and mathematical system that interprets the meaning of numbers based on certain calculations and rules. This has been used by ancient civilizations for thousands of years and has proved to be correct even up to this day and age.

How Does a Numerology Chart Work?

When we use numerology we can uncover many different aspects about ourselves. This ranges from what our future will be like to the lessons that we need to learn from our part. It can also show how our past lives are influencing us in this present day.

Utilizing its knowledge and applying its wisdom to our lives can help us to find success and abundance in all avenues. There are many ways of using numerology and when you find the right system for you it will change your life. In this article, we will dissect the Pythagorean and Chaldean numerology charts and systems so that you can use them in your day to day life.

What Is a Chaldean Numerology Chart?

Chaldean numerology is one of the oldest forms that is still used today. It was created by the Babylonians and was used to understand the future and learn about what makes you unique. This incredible form of numerology is packed with interesting and spiritual insights,

The many rules that make up Chaldean numerology make it stand out and distinguishes it from the other numerology systems. Many have their own way of calculating letters and understanding what each number means. Chaldean follows various principles that make it an incredible tool to use.

The numerology Chaldean chart is one of the most accurate ways of interpreting names. This is the chart that is used to convert letters to numbers. The Chaldean system is focused on the unique vibration of the numbers and how it corresponds to letters. This is how the numerology chart was created and how it is used today.

In Chaldean numerology, it is said that single digit numbers show the outer personality of a person. Whereas, double numbers are what a person is like on the inside. This unique way of looking at numbers gives a detailed overview of the psyche of an individual.

By using the Chaldean numerology chart it can help us to become a better version of ourselves. When we are able to recognize and understand the truth about who we are we can work on improving ourselves. This not only benefits us but it helps to add stability to our relationships and can even help us to find success throughout our lives.

How Does a numerology work?

By connecting the dots between your name and the meaning of numbers you can work out your karma and destiny in life. It is a system that depends on the vibration of numbers and the calculations are done in accordance with this practice. The conclusions drawn from these calculations can give you accurate predictions into your life – past and present.

This is the Chaldean numerology chart. It does not follow a sequential order, the letters are placed according to the relationship that it has with each number. They have special characteristics which affect the reason behind why it was placed with a certain number.

The Chaldean numerology chart

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

To use this chart we must match the letters in our name with the numbers in the chart. These are then added up to find a final value. The remaining number is then cross referenced with its unique meaning and we are then given an insight in to the burning questions we have about ourselves.

As shown in the chart, the number 9 is not mentioned due to its special nature. It is a highly spiritual number and so it is seen as disrespectful to incorporate it into this practice. For this reason, we will look at the original Chaldean numerology chart that omits the use of this number.

Here are the Numerology meanings behind the numbers 0-8:

0: Our potential is yet to be explored

1: Independence and entrepreneurship. It is dominant and self reliant

2: It adapts to its environment and has a sense of duality. It is a compatible number

3: this is connected to creativity and using our talents to create the lives we want

4: Practical and disciplined. This number is related to hard work and results

5: It is our personal freedom and change

6: This number is placed with people who are busy and important

7: This is assigned to curious people. It is also connected to spiritual awakenings

8: Ambitious, money oriented and determined

What Is a Numerology Pythagorean Chart?

Pythagorean numerology is connected to the mathematical genius, Pythagoras. This greek philosopher and mathematician created this system as a way of understanding the true value of numbers. According to his research and calculations, each number has a specific meaning that can correspond with our lives.

He also incorporates the vibration and meaning of planets into numbers which helps us to gain a deeper insight into the potential of these numbers. Each figure has its own characteristic and traits that form a picture and give us an understanding of its personality and meaning. Numbers can have good and bad aspects as well as masculine and feminine.

There are also introverted and extroverted tendencies in numbers. When we look into the value of numbers they can indicate whether or not we have any karmic debts. It is a detailed tool that breaks down why we are the way we are and how we can improve as people

In the Pythagorean numerology chart, each number is assigned to a letter in the order of its placement.

There are no specific calculations and it is relatively straightforward to calculate and analyze. It also takes into account master numbers, 11 and 22, these are said to have specific importance as they have a greater potential than the others.

The Pythagorean chart is popular and is the western version of numerology.
Pythagoras himself taught numerology and philosophy, helping to introduce it to the west and expand his students’ understanding of the spiritual world.

There are many different areas within numerology that Pythagoras explored.

The Pythagorean chart allows us to look into every area of life. Including the distance between planets and their meaning, right down to the time that we were born.

Every number in this universe serves a purpose and Pythagoras sheds light on this fact through his work.

How Does It Work?

The Pythagorean chart is outlined as follows (see below). It is orderly and practical, however, the system is aligned with the universal laws.

When we use this chart we can work out many different calculations including our expression, soul urge, ultimate, personality, and life path number.

There are many ways that we can incorporate these charts into our spiritual practices. The more that we use it the better our understanding of numbers will become.

It is a divination tool that can open a world of new possibilities and opportunities.

This chart is extremely beneficial and is well designed by Pythagoras.

The Pythagoras numerology chart

Pythagoras Numerology Chart

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


Similar to the Chaldean chart, the numbers in our name are added together to form a final number.

However, the Pythagorean method involves reducing these numbers to a single-digit format. The only exception would be for master numbers, for this reason, 11 and 22 are omitted from the reduction rule.

The power of the Pythagorean chart is deep and can help us to see everything that is hidden from us.

Pythagoras was also known as a guru and so his spiritual insights are implemented into the Pythagorean chart as well as the individual meanings and messages behind the numbers.

When we have worked out our name number by using the Pythagorean chart we can look up the meanings of the numbers, according to Pythagoras 1-9, 11, and 22:



Number 1: 

  •  Individuality, leadership, and courage
  •  Egotism and selfishness

Number 2

  •  Harmony, love, and diplomacy
  •  Timidness and over sensitivity

Number 3

  •  Creative skills, imagination, and sociability
  •  Exaggeration and pessimistic

Number 4

  •  Practicality, systematic and hard work
  •  Strict and inflexible

Number 5

  • Freedom, entertainment, and knowledge
  • Change, restlessness, and nerves

Number 6

  • Domesticity, the home, children, and taking care of others
  • Dependency, sensitivity

Number 7

  •  Spirituality, occult, and wisdom
  •  Laziness and selfishness

Number 8

  • Administration and judgment
  • Moodiness and carelessness with money

Number 9

  • Humanitarian, lightworking, and selflessness
  • Selfless at times

Master Number 11

  • Intuition, inspiration, and spirituality
  • Impracticality

Master Number 22

  • Materialism, spiritual mastery, and luminary
  • Conflict within
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