Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters who are they and what are they?
What karma & reincarnation has to do with it.
What are the Stages of ascension and awakening the mind. How you can ascend and the things and tool like crystals and therapy to assist you to ascension.


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Ascended Masters and the meanings

What are Ascended Masters?

We can say that each one of us is an Ascended Master in training. These light beings are souls with multiple reincarnations (like us), and they cleanse their karmic debts, mastering the material reality. Many people in spirituality heard about Karma, Reincarnation, and Ascension. But what does this mean? And how can we Ascend?

In this article, I will share some information about these three stages, about the most known Ascended Masters and what they do.


Ascended Masters

I will share with you some of the most known Ascended Masters and their purpose.  Acknowledge that these beings of light are volunteers in helping Earth become a better place and helping us ascend. You can connect with Ascended Masters through meditation or prayer, asking for help and guidance in moments of deception.

  • Jesus is also named Jeshua; he was a savior of this planet, and he came here to teach us wisdom. He is the son of God and taught us love and kindness; he brought peace to people and showed us the meaning of sacrifice. He lived a life of obedience, and he resisted the temptations that each one of us has. You can connect with Jesus if you want more self-love, understanding, and compassion in your life.
  • Buddha is called the awakened one. He showed us the key to finding inner peace within and living a life filled with compassion and love. He lived like a prince when he was young, but he chose to live like a hermit after acknowledging that money does not bring happiness. He was teaching people meditation, prayer, and many practices that can help the mind become quieter, like staying in nature and listening to the sound of the forest or water. Staying under the rain and letting it cleanse your aura and many other spiritual practices that can help human beings evolve and ascend.
  • Melchizedek is also named the king of righteousness. He is the father’s energy, and he brought the principles of oneness in all creation, making people understand the meaning of life. He helps us understand esoteric things, how to purify our bodies and how to alchemize.
  • Mary is the energy of the mother. She ascended 2000 years ago. She lived a nomad life after many attempts to find a husband. She chose to live in a cave, praying until he ascended. She returned here on Earth to carry the birth of the child of God, Jesus, and she can help us in any problematic situations from our lives. The energy of the Virgin Mary is purifying us, helping women in fertility, bringing miracles and healing on Earth.


Acknowledge that you are also an Ascended Master who is learning each day to become a better soul and heal all those karmic debts. Practice meditation or prayer and connect with a Master that resonated with you, asking for guidance, help, or support in any area of your life.

If you feel, you can connect directly with the Source, with the Creator. Have an open heart, and you will see that magic will happen.


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What is Karma?

Karma is the principle that what you give, you receive. We need to understand that a lot of karma that we have is ancestral. That means that many things that happen in the first seven years of your life (which are the programs that will drive your entire life) are mostly karmic debts from other lives. Each of us has chosen this body for a purpose, to release these karmic debts, and release the cycles of reincarnation, ascending.

Karma is about understanding that each thought that you have, each action that you take, and each emotion that you have will influence your life. What happens in the present moment is a motion created by us in the past.
This means that the longer you live in the present, the closer you will be to ascending; living in the present moment means accepting your decisions and not being affected by them.
Forgiving yourself and others, loving yourself and others, and respecting yourself and others will make you understand that karma is not a punishment. It is the reality you create for yourself.

Each of us can shine and release these karmic debts through acceptance, compassion, and understanding.


What is Reincarnation?

Reincarnation is the possibility of the soul to come back on Earth and have the chance to create a better future for all living beings and release karmic debts.

Reincarnation is the belief that after a human dies, its soul is reborn in another body. Many souls that are trapped here (by mourning, we keep the souls here) reincarnate in animals.
Some people think that it is possible to reincarnate also in animals.
This is a very deep topic, but we need to understand that each action we take leads toward something that can positively impact our lives or not.

The purpose of reincarnation is to help the soul evolve and become more enlightened. Through this, we can return to the Source, Creator, God.

Ascended Masters have finished these reincarnation cycles, and they work in a higher dimension to help us evolve and ascend.
They teach us, they heal us, and they are able to raise the level of the collective consciousness; they increase the frequency of Mother Earth and humanity.


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What is Ascension?

Ascension is enlightenment. This is the path people choose if they become aware of the meaning of life. Ascension is the evolution of a soul to higher consciousness.

Ascension means, in the first place, opening your heart and connecting with all the living beings on this planet.
When a soul is working toward ascension, it is about releasing all the fears and understanding that you are a being of light in a human experience.
It is the understanding that we all come from the same Source (place), and we are here to help each other evolve.

A person who wants to ascend needs to connect with their higher self, using their intuition each day when making decisions.
Meditation and prayer are the best tools to help us ascend—connecting with God, with the Creator each day, and trusting life—appreciating all the little things and respecting this entire Earth.

Ascension has a few stages, each of these stages depending on the person. Some people are able to ascend in seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, years, or even a lifetime.

To understand what happens, I will share with you the stages of ascension.


Stages of Ascension

  • The first thing that will happen when a person starts to work toward ascension is awakening the mind. You will experience many life changes in this time, and you will have a totally different perspective toward people, work, and what you love to do.
  • The second stage is about creating your new personality and habits. You will release many things from your home, you will feel that money does not bring happiness, and you will start to search for the real meaning of life.
  • After this stage comes the awakening of the light in your body; the spiritual energy from the Creator will start to flow in your entire being. You will release those relationships and habits that are no longer good for you. Many changes will come in your life, and all these changes will lead you toward a better version of yourself.
  • The fourth stage is the awakening of your soul. You will start to feel that you are more than your body and mind. You will have a deeper connection with your inner child. You will begin to heal your inner child; you will awaken your soul. All those wounds that are no longer good for you will be released. Acceptance is the key for this to happen, and by accepting your shadow and bad parts, you will be able to change your life and bring something new and more fulfilling in your being.
  • The last part of ascension is the awakening. This means the death of your ego. The moment when you will be so filled with compassion, you will live in the present moment all the time. You will have so much belief and trust in life, and the Creator, that you will release all the fears, past and future thinking.

As I wrote above, this can happen in seconds or even years.


How can we Ascend?

I think this is one of the most interesting questions. The key is in each of us. I explained above the stages of ascension, which can make you understand how you can ascend.


A few habits that can help you Ascend

  • Releasing those habits that are no longer good for you (alcohol, coffee, poor sleep, stress, worries, law of self-love).
  • Meditation, yoga, chanting.
  • Spending time in nature each day.
  • Practicing grounding exercises (connecting with the Earth).
  • Loving yourself, respecting yourself, and taking care of your body.
  • Having compassion for all the living beings on Earth.


A few tools that can help you Ascend

  • Tibetan singing bowls (for cell regeneration and relaxation)
  • Palo santo, sage, or incense sticks (for cleansing the negative energies from your home and body).
  • Crystals (for bringing more positive energy in your home and body)
  • Using natural products (for body care, food, water, clothes, and home).
  • Reiki Healing Therapy.


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