Angel Numbers and their meanings

As you progress along your spiritual path, you may notice that there are odd sequences of numbers that seem to be following you. It is not your imagination, it is the work of the divine taking place. These are known as angel numbers. If you are curious about what they mean then read on to find out more.

As you progress along your spiritual path, you may notice that there are odd sequences of numbers that seem to be following you. It is not your imagination, it is the work of the divine taking place. These are known as angel numbers. If you are curious about what they mean then read on to find out more.

What Are Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are repeating numerical sequences that are sent to you as messages from your angelic guides. Whenever you need spiritual guidance or divine intervention, the angels will step in and send you angel numbers. It is their cryptic way of communicating with you that is done with love.

Your guides will do anything to get your attention. When there is a will there’s a way. You can expect to find them on billboards, clocks, your phone, magazines… anywhere you can lay your eyes can see these wonderful spiritual numbers.

The meanings of each angel number are formulated on the basis of numerology. The meaning of angel numbers can be found by understanding the numerological message that lies within them. Together, both angel numbers and numerology work as one to form a spiritual understanding of numeral digits.


Numerology is the study of numbers. According to this practice, each number has a vibration that correlates to a specific meaning. This can also be applied to letters of the alphabet which also have a number that corresponds with them.

Why Do You See Angel Numbers?

The reason why you see angel numbers depends on the meaning of the sequence. It could be that you are making decisions that are not in your best interest or you need to know something important. There is no such thing as coincidences when it comes to these ethereal figures.

One of the most important factors to consider is what you were thinking at the time you saw the angel number. If you were absent-minded in that moment then the meaning of the angel number that you receive will be generic. However, if you were thinking about your partner, for example, and you saw an angel number the message behind it would be related to your relationship.

Spiritual Numbers

There are different angelic or spiritual numbers that you can receive. Here we will explore several significant sequences and what they mean. These double figures have a deep and intrinsic meaning.

Mirror Hour

A mirror hour is a reflected angelic pattern that is often displayed in digital form on a time-telling device. Each one has a specific meaning of divine origin.


This angel number is related to love. To see this mirrored number means that someone may have strong feelings toward you. It is also related to independence and freedom.


You must think twice before making decisions. A period of self-development is needed so that you may gain some introspection. Trust that everything will work out, the angels are in your corner.


To see this means that you have a positive and optimistic attitude. The universe will work with you to make the positive changes that you need, however you must communicate what you want with them.


Loving and helpful angels are surrounding you to bring peace and happiness into your life. If there are any challenges in your life you can overcome them with ease.


It’s time to release the old so that you can step into a new period of your life. If it does not serve you then you must release it. You possess a lot of strength, meaning that you can create the reality that you want with little effort.


This number means that you should focus less on material gain and focus more on your loved ones. This will give you a more profound outlook on life.


You deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor. This lucky sequence will bring you the blessings that you desire. It is also connected to experiencing a spiritual awakening.


Make sure that you are aligned with your life path. If you need support the angels will give it to you. Try to enlighten yourself through activities like meditation.


You should listen to your intuition, it will help you to find what you are looking for in this life. You have unlimited potential and this should be explored.

Common Angel Number Patterns

There are a multitude of angel numbers, however there are several that set the basis for the rest of the sequences that you can find. Here are their meanings and their relationship to your life:


This is the energetic gateway to the spiritual realm. It has opened for you as you become awakened. You are being transformed at this moment by spiritual development.


Known as the master builder, this angel number is related to taking a balanced and peaceful stance in your life. Remain optimistic and you will receive abundance from the universe.


The ascended masters are helping you to fulfill your soul’s mission. They want you to use your creative gifts and express yourself in a way that is true to you.


The angels are supporting you so that you may complete the work that you have set out to do. Your drive and determination will result in the success that you want.


Significant life changes are about to take place in your life. Keep an open mind to any opportunities that may come your way, they will benefit you in ways that you cannot imagine.


Healing is needed in your home and personal life. Use your imagination to manifest the outcome that you want and put your trust in the universe.


A spiritual evolution is taking place. Start to study and learn more about topics on spirituality that will help you to develop and grow.


Congratulations, the material and financial goals that you set for yourself are manifesting into your experience. Abundance and prosperity are yours for the taking.


A phase in your life is coming to an end. This is an important part of your soul’s mission and is the result of karma playing its part.


The angels want to remind you that you are one with the universe. There is no distinction between you and the outside world. You are powerful and can manifest your desires.



Listed below are a Angel numbers each which contain the follow meanings and symbolism

  • Meaning of the Angel Number
  • Reasons why you are seeing the Angel Number
  • The Angel Number
  • Are You Seeing the Angel Number
  • The Angel Number Twin Flame meaning
  • The Angel Number meaning in Love
  • The Spiritual Meaning of the Angel Number
  • The Biblical Meaning of the Angel Number

Angel numbers in double digits

Angel Number 0 Angel Number 1
Angel Number 2 Angel Number 3
Angel Number 4 Angel Number 5
Angel Number 6 Angel Number 7
Angel Number 8 Angel Number 9
Angel Number 10 Angel Number 11
Angel Number 12 Angel Number 13
Angel Number 14 Angel Number 15
Angel Number 16 Angel Number 17
Angel Number 18 Angel Number 19
Angel Number 20 Angel Number 21
Angel Number 22 Angel Number 23
Angel Number 24 Angel Number 25
Angel Number 26 Angel Number 27
Angel Number 28 Angel Number 29
Angel Number 30 Angel Number 31
Angel Number 32 Angel Number 33
Angel Number 39 Angel Number 41
Angel Number 44 Angel Number 47
Angel Number 49 Angel Number 55
Angel Number 66 Angel Number 77
Angel Number 88 Angel Number 91
Angel Number 95 Angel Number 99

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Angel numbers in triple digits

Angel Number 102 Angel Number 104
Angel Number 106 Angel Number 107
Angel Number 108 Angel Number 109
Angel Number 110 Angel Number 111
Angel Number 113 Angel Number 115
Angel Number 116 Angel Number 117
Angel Number 123 Angel Number 212
Angel Number 222 Angel Number 333
Angel Number 444 Angel Number 555
Angel Number 666 Angel Number 707
Angel Number 711 Angel Number 717
Angel Number 777 Angel Number 808
Angel Number 888 Angel Number 909
Angel Number 921 Angel Number 929
Angel Number 955 Angel Number 999



Angel numbers in quadruple digits

Angel Number 1010 Angel Number 1111
Angel Number 1113 Angel Number 1133
Angel Number 1155 Angel Number 1144
Angel Number 1212 Angel Number 1222
Angel Number 2112 Angel Number 2323
Angel Number 3333 Angel Number 7777


Let miracles flow into your life and call upon the guidance of the angels to unlock your unlimited potential.
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