Angel Number 3 Twin Flame Meanings

Seeing the number 3 everywhere you turn? Your angels are trying to send you a very important message! Our spirit team loves to send us messages with numbers as it is the best way to get our attention. If you’re curious as to what the number 3 could mean for your life, keep reading to unlock the special message your angels are sending you.

Angel number Meanings - SpiritualworxSo, what does number 3 mean for you?

What Does 3 Mean?

The meaning of angel number 3 lies within our creativity, optimism, and communication. Angel number 3 will appear before us when we need to be more open with how we communicate with others. It may be that you have tons of amazing ideas swirling around in your head but you’re too afraid to tell the world about them.

Creativity also plays a big part in the meaning behind angel number 3. You should focus on doing things that light up your soul whether that be dancing, painting, singing- any form of creative expression. Our soul can speak to us through these mediums as can our spirit team.

The number 3 also shows up at a time we need to have more confidence in our talents and abilities. Or, if you have been wanting to start a new hobby, your angels are giving you the green light to do so. This hobby could turn into something greater one day, all you need to do is just start.

Your passion will bring you far in life and your angels want you to know this. You may be doubting the signs your angels are sending you but remaining hopeful is the best thing you can do right now to achieve your dreams.

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The number 3 also symbolizes spontaneity, positive energy, art, and self-expression. How can you better show the world who you are at your core? Angel number 3 serves as a reminder that you are only on this earth for a short period. Don’t live your life based on what other people think about you- just do what your soul calls you to do!

Meaning and Symbolism of Number 3

  • Your passions will bring you far in life
  • Express yourself through creative mediums
  • Have confidence in yourself

Angel Number 3

Our angels are on the other side, and they always cheer us on. They love seeing us happy, and more so, they love seeing us be our most authentic selves. Communication is also a major theme of angel number 3. In our lives, communication is very important because, without it, we can’t possibly set boundaries or allow others to know what we need.

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Seeing angel number 3 can also indicate you are in alignment with your spirit team, making it easier to call on them or see the messages they are sending you. While in this physical world, you are still co-creating with your angels. It’s much easier to do so whenever you have a strong connection with their energy.

Your spirit team wants you to show off your skills and talents to the world. You may not see your work as important, but someone out there will greatly benefit from your courage and your passions. Follow your heart and the callings of your soul. By doing this, you are aligning with the mission you set out for when coming down to earth.


Angel Number 3 Twin Flame

The number 3 can hold two very different meanings for twin flames. On one hand, it can indicate you are in alignment with your twin flame connection. Your heart is open to this connection and can mark the beginning of an amazing partnership.

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The other half of this comes about once you already have met and connected with your twin flame. If this is the case, number 3 indicates a separation of sorts. If you and your twin flame are not on the same page, it could be detrimental to the connection.


Angel Number 3 in Love

Passion is burning hot when it comes to love with angel number 3. You are attracting a connection that will help you feel alive again. This person will ignite your inner child, and the relationship will bring you loads of joy and freedom. Be sure to have an open line of communication with this person to ensure the relationship remains strong.

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The Significance of Number 3

When you see angel number 3, it’s time to get serious about your passions or creative pursuits. You have the strength to push against your ego and break free from the limiting beliefs you hold against yourself. You have worked hard to get to this point, so do not turn back now.

Whenever you aren’t feeling sure of yourself and see angel number 3, your spirit team is telling you to amp up your self-confidence. Communicate with yourself and ask, “what is holding me back from reaching my full potential?”. Be honest with your answer and allow your angels to bear the weight of your fear or anxiety.


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Numerology 3

In numerology, the number 3 is original and forward-thinking. It exudes youthful and playful energy with a wonderful zest for life. The communication skills of number 3 in numerology are top-notch and can build an incredible community of friends, associates, and partnerships.

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The number 3 seeks out freedom, adventure, and passion. It’s not a number that likes to be conformed to a box, it’s very much rebellious in that sense. Number 3 is a social butterfly, it likes the closeness of family or friends, as it isn’t a number that likes to be alone.



Are You Seeing 3?

If you see the number 3 in your daily life, it’s a strong indication that you are aligning with ascended masters. Ascended masters are different than angels in the sense they are often well-known figures within religion or spirituality. A few examples would be Jesus, Buddha, and so on.

You have elevated your energy to connect with these important energetic beings. They are assisting and watching over you now, so continue living your life with purpose. Ascended masters help us manifest our desires, find peace, and help us see ourselves through the lens God sees us from.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of 3?

Your life has always been linked with your angels. From childhood until now, your angels have always been with you. This connection is strong, and they have played a big role in your life. Thank them for your many blessings and be ready to grow spiritually with them even more.

The Biblical Meaning of Number 3

The number 3 is used about 467 times in the bible. It symbolizes completeness, much like the number 7 does. Before the flood, 3 people roamed the earth, Noah, Abel, and Enoch. We also see the number 3 when Jesus prayed before he was arrested- he prayed 3 times to the garden of Gethsemane. Also, Jesus was placed on the cross on the third hour of the day, and he died and was resurrected on the third day. These few instances only scratch the surface of the number 3 in the bible.

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