angel number 111 meaning

Are you seeing 111?

I just noticed that I started to see it all the time I was going to the gym I  look at the time as 111 I would look at like I don’t know a read an article it said 111 on it or a  date and I was just always like oh my god there’s a sign there’s something going on and then when I researched it.

Be your  the highest self

You’re holding on to your thoughts sometimes relate to the past then you can’t be your true the authentic self that you can be your the highest self so this one was really interesting I really enjoyed it. I  thought this was kind of cool to see this perspective um so ask yourself like what is something that is holding you back is it that past relationship is it that negative person who’s sucking your energy in your life is it a bad thing that happens to you that you’re having nightmares about whatever it is is it something that the feeling or a thought or a thing that is bringing you it’s best for you to face it let it out.

Let everything out release it, cry if you need to laughs if you need to smile if you need to but just remember that your individual self is going to be freed if you do so so that’s another reason that you can be seeing 111 I find it very interesting so again like I said if you feel like you need to be aware of your thoughts your energy that’s number one let go of the past don’t let it hold you back and the second or sorry the third thing is really just focusing on your individuality who you really are and some cars that come up to mind even just tarot cards if like.

111  and tarot cards

If tarot cards want some of the things that I feel with this is like if you’ve been pulling out cards or maybe getting signs from the universe that you have been hiding or kind of having this they call it impostor syndrome sometimes but that feeling that  you haven’t been able to express who you really are and this can come into a future of work may be at work sometimes you don’t talk about your opinions at work.

Are you expressing and communicating with your love your partner properly or the loved ones or friends around you it could be like just you know in general just in life that like when you’re out in your DNA daily basis that you kind of just let people go over you it’s time to talk and be yourself and let yourself wake up and shine and be who you are.


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