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All About Twin Flames: 8 Signs You’ve Met Your Twin Flame

We’re all familiar with the term “soulmates”, it’s something we dream about from an early age. It’s undeniable that soulmates exist, some are even lucky to have more than one in their lifetime. But there is a deeper connection that is divinely guided the same as a soulmate, and it’s called a Twin Flame.

spiritualworx Twin Flames

Twin Flames

What is a Twin Flame?

The Twin Flame definition is someone who makes up the other half of your soul. The idea is that a soul can split into two once ascended to a higher frequency. The split soul then comes back into two different people. Some people would refer to a Twin Flame as a “mirror soul” for this reason.

The Twin Flame connection is all a whole other level entirely. You have been fated to meet this person at some point in your life journey, and the pull between you both is like magnets. Usually, this connection ends in romance, but it can also lead to a very intense friendship.

8 Signs You’ve Met Your Twin Flame

  • There was an instant connection: The first time you met your twin flame there was an undeniable connection between the both of you. Some would even explain this as someone who “feels like home”.
  • You both share a lot of similarities: As far as past experiences and similar interests, you will have a lot in common. You may even find that your past is very similar as well.
  • The connection is magnetic: It’s likely that whenever you are away from one another you will still feel their magnetic pull. You both share similar energy and will always want to be closer.
  • The relationship is not smooth sailing: The unfortunate part of Twin Flames is the relationship is not always good or healthy. They may remind you of all the parts of yourself that you do not like or try to ignore.
  • You always find a way back to each other: You may drift apart from each other from time to time. Months, weeks, and even years can go by before your next fated meet. Each time you encounter one another will be at random chance.
  • The connection is almost psychic: It’s common for Twin Flames to be able to look at each other and just communicate with the eyes. Also, you may be able to pick up on any physical discomfort they are feeling, even if they are not in the room.
  • A lot of growth takes place: Between you and your Twin Flame, you encourage each other to grow on all levels. They can help you evolve and push past any limiting beliefs about yourself.
  • The connection feels divinely guided: When you both meet, it’s an instant connection and it feels as if it’s been pre-destined.

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What are the Twin Flame Stages?

Stage One: Yearning for a Connection

The stage before you meet your Twin Flame is the time you just know someone is out there for you. You have a pull to find your Twin Flame but cannot explain why.

Stage Two: The Meeting

The meeting is likely to happen at random chance. Once you meet one another, the connection will be undeniable. You both will want to spend every waking moment with each other, and there is likely to be an immediate recognition when you meet.

Stage Three: Fall in Love

After meeting your Twin Flame, you will no doubt fall in love with one another. It may not be the first encounter, maybe after a few meetings. Nonetheless, you will lock eyes and fall into a deep love for one another.

Stage Four: Turmoil

Since you are a reflection of each other, this is the stage where you realize the shared insecurities between both of you. This can lead to fights or intense arguments.

Stage Five: Running and Chasing

This stage can last for years, a Twin Flame relationship is typically full of a combination of running and chasing.

Stage Six: Surrender and Reunion

This is the stage you surrender to one another. You either reunite at this point or continue going your separate ways.


spiritualworx Twin Flames


What Are Twin Flame Signs?

Whenever you meet your Twin Flame, there will be no denying this fated connection. It’s a special bond you share with this person on a soul level, and not everyone who comes to this earth will have one or experience it.

There will be an intense connection and attraction to each other. You will naturally feel drawn to each other, and it is an overwhelming pull.

Twin Flame in Love

If you and your Twin Flame share a romantic connection, you can be sure this connection will be full of passion and intimacy. Physically, you will not want to be without each other. You will make the most of your time together and it will be a relationship that will leave its mark for many years.

How Do I Recognize My Twin Flame?

The moment you lock eyes you will know whether or not this person is your Twin Flame. There is a level of familiarity that cannot be matched by any other connection. The love you share is not one you will experience with anyone else.

If the connection feels divinely guided, then it’s safe to say they may be your Twin Flame. When looking at them, if you feel as if you’re looking into a mirror, this is another way to realize you are in a Twin Flame relationship.

Do Twin Flames Fall in Love?

The answer to this question will depend greatly on the people who share a Twin Flame connection. Not all Twin Flames will be romantically involved, they can also have a strong friendship. Romance is what most people think of first whenever they hear the term Twin Flame. Most cases will end in romance, but again, there is a chance that a Twin Flame connection is strictly platonic.

Are Twin Flames Real?

Yes, a Twin Flame connection is very much real. Although not everyone will have the chance to experience this intense relationship. A Twin Flame connection is seen to be a rare occurrence. It’s a splitting of one soul which is not a normal occurrence. The Twin Flame relationship was predetermined before the two souls came down to Earth. It’s written in the stars for these two people to meet.

Twin Flame Separation

It’s not uncommon for Twin Flames to separate, in fact, it’s one of the most common themes between these types of connections. When this happens it can occur for a variety of reasons. Because the two people involved in this connection share a soul, they mirror all aspects of each other both good and bad.

This can prove to be too much for some individuals as they don’t take kindly to be reminded of their every flaw. With this being said, the separation of a Twin Flame is to help each other grow. Twin Flames essentially are sent here together to expedite their growth both spiritually and physically. A separation is most likely met with a reunion at some point in the future.

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 Twin Flames

Twin Flame Numbers

Synchronicities are a big part of the Twin Flame journey. Even if you haven’t met them or you in a separation period, you will likely both see the same sequence of numbers. Our angels send us numbers to give us important messages, and in this case, it’s messages concerning your twin flame connection.

  • Angel Number 1010: The number 1010 reduces down to 2, which symbolizes the union between you and your Twin Flame. This number is a sign that you are entering a phase of ultimate personal development, and your Twin Flame will help with this ascension.
  • Angel Number 222: This is a strong indication that you are making progress on your Twin Flame journey. Depending on the stage you both are at within your connection, if you continue down this same path you will be in alignment with one another.
  • Angel Number 234: Reducing down to 9, this is a sign that you and your twin flame are closing out a chapter, whether it be together or while in separation.
  • Angel Number 444: This number is the ultimate sign of growth and stability within your Twin Flame partnership. You will encourage each other to push past any insecurities to create a lasting connection.
  • Angel Number 911: If you’re seeing this number, it’s a sign you both have done the necessary shadow work to grow and evolve. If it hasn’t happened already, a reunion is sure to be in the making.

The Difference: Twin Flames vs Soulmates

The main difference between both Twin Flames and Soulmates lies in the fact a Twin Flame is two halves of one soul. On the other hand, a soulmate is two souls who share an extraordinary connection.

Twin Flames also have a higher chance of turning toxic since they share the same insecurities and fears. A Twin Flame will mirror your issues, imbalances, and bad habits. Also, another big difference between the two is you can only have one Twin Flame but multiple soulmates.